Partner Balancing

What can I expect from Saturday Morning Partner Balancing?

Acro for breakfast?!  Yeah!  It’s delicious.

In this class, we will explore the fundamentals of partner balancing. The focus will be on L-basing, where the base lays on their back with their feet in the air.

The lesson plan will be adjusted for the level of the participants.  The class is structured to first instruct static poses and transitions between static poses.  By mastering these poses and transitions, we prepare to create repeating complex sequences, referred to as washing machines.

What is the cost?

$10 per drop-in class.

What about private lessons?

$70 for 1.5 hours of private instruction.  Groups encouraged. Call +1 (301) 806-3628 for more information.

About the instructor

Roderick Jesse Bowes Basing Pose
Roderick Jesse Bowes

Jesse resumed movement in his adult life by taking up martial arts in 2000. In 2002, he had earned his first black belt with Grandmaster of Hapmudo, Yong Sung Lee. He was first bit by the circus bug when, in participation with the UMCP Gymkana troupe, he learned that gymnastics can be accessible with regular practice. In 2008 he completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with YogaWorks, aspiring to levitate through mind control. Ultimately, it was therapeutics that pulled him into the study of Acro Yoga at Yoga District during 2014. He has spent countless hours practicing, sharing, and studying the art of partner movement through jams, classes, workshops, festivals, and immersions. His goal is to share the pleasure of grace so that you can find the same connection in your local community.

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